Kristin, USA

"Anja is an excellent yoga instructor! She also has quite a gift as a reiki practitioner. Anyone who has the honor of working with her will be forever changed. Anja, thanks for a great experience!"


Jolanda, Netherlands

"I had wonderful and challenging yoga lessons from Anja. Also I can recommend her 1-1 allignment sessions. If you want a customized yoga advice to integrate yoga into you daily life: this is a must. Anja is experienced yoga teacher and she's very open and friendly."


Mita, Germany

"Hello Yogalovers, 

I have to admit I wasn't in a cheerful mood when I arrived at the retreat center. I was tired of traveling and was kind of sad. But here is the wonderful part about the week I spent on the island. The yoga classes with Anja released all my emotions and could let the tears come. After every class I left the Shala with a smile. I felt physically and emotionally released. It didn't matter if it was power yoga in the morning or just more relaxing classes in the afternoon Anja made me feel very comfortable and I love her classes. Also the 1on1 reiki session with her set some positive energies free and showed me my weaknesses. Thank you Anja."


Nadine, USA

"I had the great fortune to take several classes with Anja while attending Island Yoga in July 2016. I really enjoyed the experience immensely. Her classes were beautifully sequenced and her instructions were so clear, even for beginner yogis. I have been practicing yoga regularly for 5 years and Anja is easily one of the best yoga instructors I have had the opportunity to practice with. Plus, she really practices what she preaches and is a real inspiration to be around. I also took a workshop on creating a home practice with her I've managed to keep it up since leaving the island - her inspiration has been a huge part of that success. Thank you Anja!"

Susanne, Sweden

"I arrived at the retreat center with really no previous yoga experience and very low body and mind awareness, I really had no idea of what my body could or could not do. After a few classes with Anja I felt my body, and emotions, respond really strong to the classes, my chakras were opening and I had a few emotional outbursts - such as crying and quite hysterical giggles. I didn't expect this from a "normal yoga class" and was a bit shocked but soon appreciated the overall effect Anjas classes had on me. She is very much effecting the classes, as well as affecting your chakras. She makes you participate with body and mind and it is beautiful. I also had a one to one where she created a great home practise for me with all the poses I enjoy and it has been easy for me to stick to  the routine so far. She is very passionate and I'd recommend attending her retreat for inspiration any day."


Aimee, Netherlands

"Dear Anja, during the time that we spend together at the retreat center you touched my heart with the Reiki session you gave me. Thank you for teaching me and meeting you. Always in my heart."


Valentina, Australia

"Anja was my teacher on a yoga retreat in Thailand in 2016. I absolutely loved her dynamic and at the same time insightful classes: it's so hard to find someone who can do a good combination of both! Anja makes a yoga class really diverse and never boring, and she colours it with her deep knowledge of the yoga philosophy as well as with her wonderful humour. Don't miss her next retreat!"


Joep, Netherlands

"Anja combines clear explanation and guidance about the physical part of yoga with a deep insight and love regarding the spiritual side of it. A teacher who lovingly challenges you to go further. And she practices what she preaches!"

Tina, Germany

"I had an amazing and special time at the yoga retreat center. Especially Anja's lessons and the home practice workshop inspired me! I started to introduce Yoga into my daily life and I am still working on it. Furthermore I am thankful for the time we could spent together and I hope one day I can come back to receive another Reiki lesson!"

Merel, Netherlands

"Very inspiring! Not just the way Anja teaches but especially her personality. Since the 'practice-yoga-at-home-workshop' I joined, at the retreat in Thailand, I really promised myself to keep on doing yoga every day thanks to Anja!"

Soraya, Tobago

"Anja dispelled all my negative thoughts on doing Yoga .... Thank you for such an enlightening class !!!"

Svenja, Germany

"Anja is amazing! Full of knowledge, energy and passion to inspire you to do what makes you happy! She is an amazing yoga teacher, reiki practicioner, inner dance facilitator and just a very lovely and fun human you want to meet, learn and and be inspired from."

Miguel, Spain

"Conocí a Anja en Tailandia, lo que mas me llamo la atención en la primera clase de yoga a la que asistí, fue su delicadeza y dedicación a la hora de transmitir la información, algo que considero muy importante en una clase de yoga. Su estilo de enseñar yoga es un reflejo de su forma de vivir; dedicación, estudio, pasión, presente, aprendizaje, experimentación y amor. Un placer encontrarme contigo en el camino!"

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